post delivery.

Things continue to be crazy around here. R’s parents are packing up and heading back to their place since their renters have moved out. We have begun to unpack our boxes as well and love the ease of unpacking apartment boxes in a house. Hopefully we will continue to live as though we are still in an apartment and not fill the house with unnecessary items. The last couple weeks have been rough and now I know I’m in the final stretch until baby gets here. We had our 36 week ultrasound this week and thankfully baby is head down and hopefully he’ll stay that way! He enjoys kicking me in the ribs and giving me heartburn and nausea. As the weeks wind down I’ve been thinking of the things I have missed or am looking forward to and will enjoy the most post delivery:

10. lying on my back

9. turning sides during the night without doing a five point turn

8. doing things around the house without having to ask for help

7. eating deli meat

6. being able to breathe

5. sitting comfortably

4. eating sushi

3. running

2. driving/ riding in a car without the seat completely reclined 

1. holding my baby

In other news, we’re almost done with the nursery! Here’s a little preview:nursery-


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