pinterest fails.

There are just as many bad pins as there are good pins. Sometimes while browsing I’m horrified to see what DIYers are coming up with. No offense but these are hideous.  But maybe not as hideous as these. There also tons of great ideas that just don’t pan out. Just because these pins did not work for me doesn’t mean they won’t for you, give them a shot if you’re brave!


I loved this idea when I found it because I am ALWAYS searching for bobby pins. They are like ninjas, always hiding and silently slipping away.  I tried this out on the inside of our medicine cabinet but the magnet just wouldn’t stay down or stick properly. After making my magnetic makeup board [similar to this one], I put small magnets on the board and stuck three or four bobby pins to each one.


Ok, so this wasn’t a total flop in the sense that it does work. However, I wasn’t crazy about it.  The shaving cream was too thin for me. The blogger does state that you can change the consistency as needed but it just seemed more work and shaving cream isn’t that expensive. It is a good recipe if you have a lot of small bottles of shampoos or creams that you want to combine or get rid of. Really though you could just combine everything without really needing a recipe.


So this scrub does soften your skin and smells nice if you like coffee. However, it made a HUGE mess! We’ve changed our showerhead to a filtered one and the flow is not the greatest so that has a lot to do with it but it was still messy. Also, you shouldn’t pour coffee grounds down your kitchen sink so I imagine it’s not the best to pour them down your bathtub drain either.


This sounded like a great idea when the husband and I had bronchitis.  It just didn’t work though, we used it for several days and didn’t feel much of a difference.


While planning a dessert buffet for our wedding this seemed like an awesome idea. I was so excited when I saw this because it was cheap but also simple and classic with clear glass. It was a total flop! The glue just didn’t hold. Along the same lines, I made these to hold pillar candles but they also did not hold. I ended up visiting TJ Maxx and buying cake stands. Oh well.



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    Love this post!

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