pinterest successes pt. 2.

Here is a continuation of my Pinterest successes.  I will admit I have not completed all of the ‘DIY’ pins that I’ve collected. However, I have gotten a lot of ideas from Pinterest that I may not have found otherwise.  I got married in March and being able to make separate boards for all of the ideas I had was such a big help. I had boards for dessert ideas, makeup ideas, decorations, and invitations [I’m crazy, I know, but it helped!]. Here are some pins I’ve found helpful:


This first pin is actually just a picture but it’s a great idea. We live in an apartment with ‘fake drawers.’ You know right under the sink where a drawer would normally be in a house but the apartment is too cheap to put one in so they just add in a panel [annoying]. I was getting tired of having to pull my makeup out of the linen closet daily so I decided to tackle this project. I found another pin here, which tells you how to make the board. It still seemed like a little much, so I lucked out one day on a trip to Michael’s when I found a black dry erase magnetic board. I bought small round magnets while I was there and also found a magnetic black metal pencil/note holder [looks nicer than it sounds…]. In the end it turned out to be very easy since all I had to do was hang the board on the wall and attach magnets to my makeup [no paint, cloth, or metal sheets required!].


I used this pin to make address labels for our wedding invitations. I didn’t punch a design into my labels as the example shows, but I did use the template provided. It was so easy to add in addresses, print, and cut. I printed them on red card stock and loved the contrast of the labels on cream colored envelopes.  I used both double sided tape and glue stick to secure the labels to the envelope. The label folds over the side of the envelope so the return address is on the back.


I’m not gonna lie, I don’t like supporting Martha [Stewart of course] financially. However, when she offers free templates I’m not going to say no. I used these letters to make a thank you sign and dessert table sign for our wedding. You can also use them as gift tags for presents.

thank you -


I loved this guest book idea! I took a slightly different approach to our own but we used this general idea. I use thumb print designs a lot with the kids I work with so I already had books with ideas in them. I wanted to collect not only special notes from our guests but also their addresses for future reference. We had cards set out so each guest or couple could make a design, add a note, and their address. The husband and I completed one and displayed it so guests could have a reference.

guest book -


I love this scrub! She calls for sunflower oil but I usually just use olive oil because that is what I have on hand. It smells good, feels good, and leaves your skin super soft! And most likely you will already have all the ingredients in your pantry.


This eye makeup remover is by far the best I’ve ever used. It never irritates my eyes and removes all traces of makeup. She lists three different oils you could use and  I opt for olive oil. It doesn’t leave your skin greasy, plus it’s cheap!

[pictures taken by Jen from Once Like a Spark Photography]


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