pinterest recipe successes.

I love Pinterest. I have always loved collecting ideas for future projects, recipes, skincare, or home decorating. Pinterest has made this so easy, too easy! It is definitely addicting and I have had to make a conscious effort to limit the time spent browsing the site or pinning items for future reference. It is so much easier then bookmarking a site and it looks better too! I decided to do a three part series: Pinterest successes and fails.  I have had quite a few Pinterest recipe successes so I decided to start with those. Here are my favorites:


I made these exactly as the recipe calls for. I actually found this recipe through a blog I follow She has great recipes and tips on her blog.  The sugar and cinnamon coating that you add on after the muffins are made give them that doughnutty taste. If you decide not to add that on to save calories they will taste more like muffins instead of doughnuts but they are still delicious.


These scones are delicious, definitely on the sweeter side. I did find the glaze to be a little strong so I will go light on that the next time I make them.  However, still yummy and will be making again.


This chocolate syrup is absolutely sinful! If you don’t mind unnatural ingredients by all means buy the store brand! If you want something more natural, however, this syrup is definitely worth it.  Very easy to make with only a few ingredients, just be sure and keep an eye on the pot so the ingredients don’t boil over or burn.  My husband loves this syrup so much I will catch him eating it by the spoonful…


I love blueberries.  This recipe is hands on with all the rolling involved but they are still easy to make and delicious.  I opted for no icing to make them a little healthier but they were still great and not dry at all.

blueberry cinnamon rolls -


This bread is awesome! I have a mixer that has a dough hook attachment so it makes the job easier. However, this bread is easy to make and so delicious! The hardest part is having to wait until it’s ready! It lasts for days without getting hard or stale and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. SO. GOOD.

Try any of these recipes? Let me know how they turn out!


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