the sun has come up.

Each day brings a new joy, big or small: a package in the mail, a funny joke, perfect weather, hitting all green lights. The biggest joy, however, is waking up every morning and taking another breath.  The majority of us take our lives for granted, whether it’s warm running water, a bed to sleep in, fresh food, or shoes on our feet. We have come to expect these little luxuries and are dumbfounded when they are taken away from us so suddenly. The recent events in Newtown, CT along with every other horror we hear in the news daily should make us realize that we should not take these things for granted and we should be grateful that we are able to witness another day.  We should be thankful that we are able to look outside day after day and see that the sun has come up.  With every drawback we encounter we should remember that another day is ahead of us giving us the opportunity to start over or try again. I have been wanting for quite some time to change my blog name and have thrown around several titles.  “The Sun Has Come Up” struck me as both encouragement on a bad day and joy on a good day, each leading into inspiration.  If you are a follower of the blog please update your feed to the new blog name:  I have several posts already lined up and hope to keep in touch regularly in 2013!



  1. Beautiful post! This attitude is a good way of practicing ‘the power of now’! Live in the present and cherish the beauty of a moment

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