I’ve been in Charlotte for eight months now. My husband has been here for most of his life; but, Charlotte is a growing city and there is always something new to explore.  Charlotte is a very spread out city, there’s downtown [that is actually called Uptown…], North Charlotte [that includes University City and NODA], and south Charlotte [that has the old neighborhoods of Southpark and Myer’s Park].  Over the months we’ve found some fun spots to dine and hang out at, here are some of our favorites:

Thai House at University:

The husband and I are regular frequenters of Thai House since it is only five minutes from our place. We always get the same two dishes so I can’t vouch for everything on the menu. However, we love the food and the service. We get the Veggie Pad Thai and Beef Pad Krawpraw. The food is not too heavy and the portion sizes are generous. The staff at Thai House is always super friendly and whether we dine in or take out we’re always satisfied.

Amelie’s French Bakery in NODA:

This French themed bakery in NODA is super cute and fun to visit. They have both sweet and savory dishes.  We love going to Amelie’s for brunch with a little dessert if we still have room. As it is a French bakery they love cheese and butter. The husband and I can only handle so much of it so we love their ‘make your own breakfast sandwich.’ I love croissants so I usually get a scrambled egg on croissant with tomatoes.  R usually gets the scrambled egg on baguette with tomatoes and spinach. They also have lunch sandwiches and breakfast quiches.  There is also no shortage of pastries and cakes to satisfy any palette.


We just discovered this restaurant in the last couple of weeks.  Every time we went downtown we would walk past this restaurant and think ‘we have to go there!’ We’re glad we finally did! Rooster’s is setup with a bar downstairs and the restaurant upstairs.  If you don’t make reservations you can either sit at the bar upstairs or downstairs.  The downstairs area also has several long tables so you won’t necessarily be sitting at ‘the bar’ but you also will not have your own private table.  The upstairs bar area is actually set along the kitchen; the chefs cook and prepare the food out in the open.  Since this was our first visit we hadn’t made reservations and decided to eat at the upstairs bar area.  It was fun to watch the chefs prepare the food and the service was just as great.  The husband got the wood fired roasted chicken pizza with a side of fingerling potatoes and I got the steak burger that came with a side of pomme frites.  The steak burger was tasty but a little on the salty side and the pomme frites were delicious.  R’s pizza was perfect and crispy.  We ended the night with a triple chocolate mousse that was definitely worth it.  They have a variety of dishes and specialize in wood burning and roasted dishes.

Room 112:

I have always loved sushi. The husband just discovered how awesome it was this year when I introduced it to him. This is the only sushi place we’ve been to in Charlotte but we love it and haven’t felt a need to find another place.  It’s located downtown [Uptown…] so it’s fun to grab a bite and then walk around and people watch.  We’ve eaten in and taken out and the service has always been great. We’ve tried several different rolls and I think we’ve settled on the ‘112’ roll as being our favorite.  We’re still experimenting though and usually get the 112 along with another one or two rolls.  They also have lunch and dinner options but we always go for the sushi.

If you’re ever in the Queen City be sure and try out one of these great places!


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