The last six months of marriage have been busy! We seem to be constantly on the road whether it’s work, family, or fun. Raheel’s company contracts some of their development and programming work out to a company in Ithaca, New York. He has had to come up here quite a bit in the past year. I came with him once about a month ago and we ended up getting bronchitis so it wasn’t the best trip. We’re here for three weeks this time around so we have more time to enjoy the area. Cornell University is based here and it’s a small town so it really revolves around the college. Ithaca has a great vibe. It is a very environmentally friendly town, everyone composts and recycles, even the hotels! It’s been great trying out all the local restaurants in the area. Ithaca is also known for its outdoor beauty.  There are tons of trails, waterfalls, and gorges here. Sadly the waterfalls have been running a little dry but they are still a sight to see.  The husband and I went to Buttermilk Falls this past weekend and walked from the top down through the Gorge Trail. It was so peaceful and definitely worth the mini hike.


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