Rome was our last stop on our trip through Italy. We anticipated it being our least favorite but we went with an open mind. Upon entering it felt like any typical big city: crowded, dirty, and way too many cars. We had found a bed and breakfast near Vatican city, which was quite far from the train station. We hopped in to our first cab of the trip and were on our way. It had been a long day and we didn’t want to try and figure out the bus system and get lost in the process.  Our cabbie was friendly and got us to our destination safely. Unfortunately we had arrived at our B&B a few hours early and the owner was not there. Luckily though a friend of his was across the street and saw us standing there looking lost and tired. He called the owner, Luca, and we were settled in in no time. That is one thing we felt all through Italy, the people were very nice and friendly. We felt we had the perfect location. We were only a short walk from Vatican City but were far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the Colosseum.  When we went to visit the Colosseum we took the bus but then walked back home.  We were definitely tired by the time we got home but it was nice to meander through the streets and see sites we wouldn’t have on the bus.  We stopped at the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and Arch of Constantine that day. As we got closer to the Colosseum it felt to me a little like Disney World: the weather was hot, there were too many tourists, and the lines were ridiculously long.  We ended up not going inside the Colosseum or Palatine Hill but don’t regret our decision.  It was beautiful to see from the outside but we’d rather spend our time wandering the streets then standing in a line.  The next day we went to Vatican City, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Vatican Museum.  St. Peter’s was beautiful and definitely worth the trip. It was amazing to be on the street leading up to Vatican City with it’s tourist shops and buses and crowds of people, but as soon as you walk through the gates of the city there is a calm and quiet that falls.  Regardless of religion or beliefs everyone seems to respect this area.  We also went to visit Trastevere, a small village near Vatican City.  It’s narrow, cobblestone streets, cafes, gelaterias, and quiet charm were perfect. We got some gelato and spent the afternoon sitting in the sun watching the people go by, it was the perfect end to our trip.


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