cycle of life.

What a weekend we had. I’ve been trying out new recipes and revisiting old ones and had wanted to put a post up this weekend with a successful recipe. Friday ended up being quite a day though and it changed our plans for the weekend. June 1st was already a special day since my youngest niece was born that day. She turned one this year!

Friday morning, however, brought other news. Raheel’s grandmother passed away early in the morning and about two hours later my third niece, Maryum, was born. We spent most of the weekend at his parent’s house trying to get his mom to either eat or sleep. It was a difficult time regardless but she also hadn’t seen her mother in four years and spoke to her everyday on the phone.

My dad came in town today because he had a flight out of Charlotte. He wanted to stop by their house and offer his condolences.  I offered to make lunch and bring it to the house and found this delicious lasagna recipe. I even made fresh french bread! The lasagna had cooled on the counter last night and I went to put it in the fridge and it slipped from my hands, fell on the ground upside down, and glass shattered everywhere. It was a sad day. I ended up running to the grocery store this morning and buying a frozen lasagna. Blah.

Raheel’s sister has a birthday tomorrow and we thought it would be a good time to host the family at our new place. I’m making burgers and hopefully nothing will fall on the floor or break this time. Wish me luck!



  1. Heard about the tragic lasagna ordeal. We were all sad – most of all mom. Almost did a janaza! Just kidding. Love your blog.

  2. Jessica

    So is maryum zoya’s little sister? I knew your sister was pregnant last I talked to you. Or is this on ur hubby’s side? Ready to get an update telling us that y’all are ready to welcome ur own bundle of joy!

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