a wild ride.

I have been hoping for some time to start up my blog again. I have not been as focused with photography as I would have liked this past year. However, thanks to an awesome surprise camera I received [yay!] I have a new excuse to devote some time to getting lost and taking pictures. This time around, though, I not only want to post my favorite pictures here but also talk about life, share my favorite recipes, and hopefully find a new way to keep in touch [especially since I’m no longer on Facebook!].

These past two years have been unforgettable here in Little Rock. It’s cliche, I know, but it has definitely gone by fast. I made some awesome new friends and had an amazing time watching Zoya grow up. It hasn’t quite hit me yet that I’m leaving. I’ve spent the past month slowly packing things up and trying to figure out what exactly will fit in my car for the long drive back to Georgia.¬† It’s amazing the stuff you can accumulate in two years! Things are starting to look bare as boxes have filled up: empty closet, cleared off night stands, and pared down bathroom essentials.

Though the transition is going to be tough and I’m going to be sad to leave my home here and Zoya with it, I’m ready to move on to the next chapter. These last five months have been a mixture of speeding by quickly and dragging on slowly. I didn’t think it was enough time to plan a wedding, but now I’m ready for it to just be here and done! I’m ready to move to Charlotte and start my new life.

I’m going to miss having such a willing accomplice for photo sessions. Lately, Zoya has turned a little dramatic and chooses to gaze off into the distance when asked to look into the camera, but over the last two years she has proven to be an awesome subject. I’ll leave you with this mini collage of favorites and will update again soon!



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